February 6: I ordered a stove, a real stove, with an oven and a very fitting size of 20" wide. In order to accommodate it, I had to remove the old range top and the whole counter to the right of it. The photo at right shows how it looked before. Behind the curtains it was structured like any kitchen base cabinet (well sorta) without the facing and doors. So I had to knock out all the floor structure as well. Forgot to get a picture of that. Anyway, we start here. Tomorrow the stove arrives and I'll have more to show.
kitchen remodel kitchen remodel kitchen remodel
kitchen remodel kitchen remodel kitchen remodel

Luke and Sushi13 Sept: Today Luke went for his last ride. He was so happy that I was letting him get into the car. I had to put his back end in myself. Dr. Baum and Gwen came out to the car to administer the shot. While they were doing that with his back leg, I distracted him with treats and he was greedily snapping them up. Never had he been given so many treats in such a short time. He growled a little when the needle went in. Suddenly his head dropped, tongue out. The doctor continued to listen for his heart for a few more minutes then I covered him up and came home. The grave had been dug two weeks ago right next to Sushi so I had only to position him with his head beside hers. Those two, bonded in life for 11 years, are now rejoined in death. I'm going to plant a shrub between them and its roots will touch both. Sushi would be thrilled. She adored Luke. She died on August 18th of an apparent heart attack although I will romanticize that she died of a broken heart, knowing the object of her affection was dying as well. July, August, September, a death for each month. This will be one year I will not forget.

19 Sept: Cut the extensions for the outside of the back door and painted them. Cut the three rough cut trim boards. Continued to prep the siding on the back and had to plane some boards that were too high. Primed the inside of the front door. Painted the stool Sammy made. Removed the big rug from the house. Mopped the floors with Pine Sol and herbal flea shampoo and sanded the floors and filled with wood putty in preparation for painting. Repaired flooring in the corner under kitchen counter.

23 Sept: I brought home 2 male four month old sibling kittens from the shelter yesterday, one all grey and the other orange. Feral. I haven't seen much of them and they're not anxious to see me either. Yesterday they spent wedged behind furniture. Today they were under the bed. But last night I purposefully went to bed early and not five minutes after I stopped moving and the lights went out, they came out and got very active. Watching NemoNemo had been in the house 2 hours and didn't know they were there. When she saw them for the first time she was sitting up high, looking down and seemed only interested. Later she came down when she wanted to go out and they were apparently coming close to her because she was hissing. But still, no growling or spitting. I let Nemo out and the kitties started playing again and inspecting their new home. This morning they were ensconsed under my bed and just stared at me when I peeked at them. Tonight we're making progress. The gray cat, who is bolder, came out while I was in the room and stared at me. Nemo was sitting on my shoulder while I was working at the computer so... I named him Figaro... he was probably really staring at her. I named the shy red one, Linus.

3 Oct: Not shy anymore and their names this week are Mouse and Fox. As it turns out Foxy is more affectionate than Mouse.

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