August 21, a night of hell

Photos for insurance company

August Storm
8/22: The ash that fell into the apple
August Storm
8/22: The double cherries fell across the brook
August Storm
8/22: 10" diameter maple limb fell from 60' up and smashed the corner of the roof and shoved my gas tank over a foot.
August Storm
8/24: The day power was restored. Rom had delimbed the maple and ash the day before. I had already burned the slash by the time I took this pic.
August Storm
8/25: Phone restored. This is the same guy who set my pole years ago.
August Storm
8/27: This guy drove up from Virginia to buy my canoe.
August Storm
8/27: Pat Pickering just pulled the first cherry across the brook
August Storm
8/27: Cutting it up. Pat said it was dying. Note dark center.
August Storm
8/27: All that remains of the double cherry. Yay!
August Storm
8/27: This is all that is left. He got most of those 2 cherries into his old Chevy 1500.
August Storm
This is where the ash broke away from its twin.
August Storm
8/22: Front yard before cleanup


water lily
The frog pond has produced
three lilys this year, a first.

tick bite
I got Lyme. One month of antibiotics!
Finally, the shingles are on all 4 sides of the cabin, thanks to Tony VanGessel.

The ever picturesque Chloe

This is one of the dollies I've made for my basement, all about 14 x 25.
Puffball Convention
A miniature puffball convention!

Dollies in basement.


January 3
Major snow dump for the new year
January 3

pileated woodpecker January 3
Maus & Fox

Maus in hibernation

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