This spring the brothers turn 17; Chloe & Annie, 14; Flynn, 11 and Willie, 7

6 July: My beautiful Maus died this morning

30 July: I dug Fluff's grave today.

July: Expanding the center island


kat kastle


pond in bloom


9 Oct: Today I attended an impromptu class reunion—12 of us—at the new Arlington Common, formerly the Catholic church, rectory and meeting hall. Six have died: Prudy Kuhl, Cathy Brodeur, Leon Galli, Pat O'Neil, Phil Jennings & Linda McEckron.
Outhouse DoorOct: Installed the outhouse door
Fluff RIP12 Nov: Today I have four cats. The mighty Fluff died this morning. He lies next to his brother.
This photo was taken 24 hours before Fluff died
November: This is Blossom who gets a lavish meal in the outhouse every night then goes after the food I put out for the feral cat. Taken with trail cam.