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4 jan
Hawk strike, 4 Jan
fluff 01132013
Fluff, 12 Jan
bamboo lamp
New lamp, 26 Jan
bed lamp
New lamp over bed, 26 Jan
Wired this myself, 26 Jan
Flynn down, 27 jan
27 Jan, Flynn down, peaking
chloe 020513
Her Highness, inspecting her subjects
kitchen window
Kitchen window, left
kitchen window
Kitchen window, right
Flynn down Feb 13

11 March: sardine can art
Antique frame from Mom
16 March, Eagle watch
16 March, Eagle watch
18 March, before going down
16 March, Eagle watch
18 March, Flynn down, recovering

hudsondredgex 4721x

4 April - Flynn dizzy down
Aluminum foil Ceiling
4 April - Finished taping the ceiling and gable ends last week
View from the loft
4 April - The cats' view
5 May
5 May
May 8 Annie

Starting the Garden
17 May: Made the raised bed (1x10 hemlock) and started laying out the garden
1 June: Installed a new ceiling light today.
Starting the Garden
5 June: 4 posts up, 3 to go

15 July - Begin slab/driveway/pond project

(all taken with my Touch so pretty awful)

Holding up the town truck

There goes the cherry stump


Collecting some sizeable rocks
Driveway cloth in foreground

Holding up the apple root wad and
Nate is going for his chainsaw

The first load of fine gravel. *
*A load of bankrun was already spread at the top of the driveway. He works about 10' in front of the driveway cloth, pulling the gravel toward him, then unrolls another 10' and so on. Apple trunk in foreground. Pile of excavated topsoil in background. That is for me to use as fill.

Besides the apple, Nate tore up a few more trees and I processed all the slash and hauled it to the burn pile in three wagon loads.

Long view up the new driveway

The day is over for this baby.

3/4 stone in place, has to be tamped tomorrow

17 July

Nate dug out 5 boulders from Dean & Nancy's yard and they are mine now.

No amount of flooding will wash
these boulders away!

The bank will be built up with more boulders like these--eventually.

Digging out the frog pond.
The slab is done--curing too fast in this heat so Glenn recommended I water it down a few times a day. I have 6 full buckets standing by.

I ordered a Simer 2305 Geyser II 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump today. $54.36 from Amazon, free shipping.

I am in need of old carpeting to use as a protective liner under my pond liner. Ed gave me a 6x10 piece--need quite a bit more.
Nate finished with the excavator and drove it off. He came back with the skid steer to finish up. Before he took the excavator away he dug my frog pond, dug out Deans' boulders, broke up a piece of ledge at the corner of my property where I could never mow, tore out the maple stump and dug a hole for the redbud I need to plant on the south side of the house. Lots of stuff happened today.

Fenced the garden

My personal highway

20 July: Today's project- finishing the wall and planting the magnolia

The redbud, planted a few days ago

21 July - Flynn down and outside

21 July - Pond Project

A layer of carpet underlayment. Got it used from a carpeting store but it was like new.

Laid in 45 mil epdm pond liner. I bought a 20x15 piece for $192 (123ponds.com) in April 2011. 85 lbs. UPS delivery.

Trimming excess

Filling with water and rocks
5 Aug
5 Aug
18 Aug
18 Aug

9 September - Installing new furnace

7 Sept
I had to reposition the vent opening
7 Sept
7 Sept
30,000 BTU as opposed to 14,000

September - Shed sills & trusses

11 Sept
11 Sept: Installing the sills
Making the trusses
Building the trusses
19 Sept Trusses
I made seven

9 October - The new shed goes up

9 Oct
9 Oct: Tony and I start framing the shed.
9 Oct
9 Oct
shed doors
John installed the jams, doors and trim.
Everything fit perfectly, of course.
shed shelving
Starting the shelving

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