October: Joined the Cambridge Food Co-op

September 27
My favorite window box so far: German Ivy
and Potato Vine in 2 varieties
September 28
No worries

Barn Windows
September 5
John installed 2 new barn windows
Barn stairs and floor
September 7
Stairs john built and he finished laying the floor. Now I have to paint it.
September 8
First extraction
25 lbs
September 9

6 July
July 6: You can see in the back there the triangular patterned glass window John put in the top of the outhouse last year.
Foxalot Portrait June 26: Sheila Foster completed a watercolor portrait of Foxy. It is 10¾" x 8 ¾". The original photo is here. This was in exchange for building her website. I couldn't get a decent shot of the two kittens together and Foxy is more photogenic.

23 June: Frog Pond, in progress for the first 6 images, all done in 5 hours on June 23rd and the rest, mostly landscaping, by July 1st. It is stocked with irises, water lilies, cattails and duckweed. A few frogs took up residence almost immediately. It is my favorite spot now and the cats like it too.
Frog Pond in Progress
Frog Pond in Progress Frog Pond in Progress Frog Pond in Progress
Frog Pond in Progress Frog Pond in Progress Frog Pond
Frog Pond Frog Pond Frog Pond

Middle of June: Landscaping in progress along the road north of the house. I started a low stone wall there as well but it is not visible in these pics. The rock pile to the south of the big rock has to be remade into a proper wall also. At least all the stones are there already.
West Road landscaping north of house
Roadside Landscaping in progress
West Road landscaping north of house
The long view

Middle of May: The northwest corner gets the treatment

Northeast Corner looking north
Looking North
Northeast Corner looking south
Looking South

Feb-April: The New Kittens

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