This spring the brothers turn 15; Chloe & Annie, 12; Flynn, 9 and Willie, 5

11 Jan: It's 55° at 10:00 am. The sun is shining. It does not look like January. I cut and sanded the boards that will close the bedroom doorway.

16 March: Got my new electric chainsaw. Hopefully it will inspire me to do what needs to be done.

tent up 06/20/2020
20 June: The deer flies drove me to set up the tent.

rock work
26 June: Beginning rock work.

10 Aug @ 10:15 am: an epic moment. Willy started eating canned food. With gusto. Now all the cats are eating canned food with garlic/yeast powder and I have not had to apply flea meds for 3 months.

ash limb down
March: Huge limb broke off the top of a dead ash and was standing straight up, embedded in the soft ground because it had been raining for a day. It was leaning slightly toward the house and when the ground defrosted it would have fallen toward the house and hit my bedroom window so I pulled it over toward the road with the truck, and there it lies.

14 May: The JD goes to work at 3600

chair in brook
Dammed up the stream, got a half-way decent bathtub out of it and a comfy place to sit during the heat of the day.

12 Sept

wood frogs
20 March: The wood frogs came last night with the rain. There will be much merriment tonight and lots of egg masses tomorrow. It's the first day of Spring and 58° right now at noon, raining lightly all day.

front deck job
19 June: Starting the front deck job

27 June: Moved the deck closer to its destination. I pulled my QL muscle and won't be doing much heavy lifting for while—at least that is the recommendation.

12 Sept: Starting framing

15 Sept: Turned on heat today. Temps going into the 30's this week.
barn door 10102020
10 Oct: Finally painted the barn door
front deck 10/12/2020
12 Oct: Finished enough for this year

18 Oct: Wrestling the back deck into place.
back deck 10/18/2020-b
18 Oct: Gotta get it up over the gutter drain pipe.
20 Oct: The leaning birch drops along side the barn, damaging the edge of the roof.
Can't remember when #1 came down.
Second ash comes down
11 Nov: Second ash comes down. This one fell on the guy wire, ripped the electric line anchor from Cotiaux's house and tightened up the lines to my house in a disturbing way.
This is what Nov 29 looked like. This was the balmiest November I can remember. Lovely.

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