This spring the brothers turn 10; Chloe & Annie, 7; Maukie & Flynn, 4

2/10: Fluff acclimating to the long cold winter
2/16: Over 2 feet of snow
2/16: Single digits and below zero at night most of February
March 21: The winter drags on. The sap is barely running. I took Maukie to the vet today. She weighs 19 lbs! Something radical needs to be done. She needs a treadmill. Maus abscess
Feb 25: Maus has an abscess on the right side of his face. It looks like it will drain through his eye. ( It didn't--behind his whiskers )
cooked asparagus on salad
Loving cooked asparagus on salad
4/10: Today I took down all the sap lines and rinsed them out and bundled them for Ed to pick up.
4/10: Temps in the upper 50's. The first pond survivor heard me singing, swam over to me and jumped out.
Took down all the bird feeders. The bears are waking up.
Wood frog eggs
4/12: I thought I had better get the pond cleaned up before the wood frogs laid their eggs but too late. . .

OK, not thinking. The "pond surviver" (above) was a wood frog and those must have been her eggs. She did not overwinter in the pond. She came out of the woods and to the woods she returned because that is what wood frogs do. There was no evidence of any frogs today. Could it be that no green frogs survived?
4/12: Now this newt really is a pond surviver.
I hope she finds a mate.
Dyson Vacuum
June 30: FedEx delivered the Dyson vacuum today. I feel like I've truly entered the space age.
New Euro Plate
June 20: Installed the Euro plate today. It remains to be known if I can get away with it. Heading to Maine tomorrow. Spent a few hours detailing the car.
Reishi Tincture Marinating
July 6: Marinating Reishi in 3 quarts of 100 proof vodka. This is only half. I have to buy more vodka.

Alan called today to tell me I can buy 4109 Rte 313 for $20,000. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
July 5: Found 6 large reishi today while boating around a lake. They were about 6 feet up on a dead standing hemlock.
26 July: my labels
They nest!
Norman's Attic
8 August: Our booth at Norman's Attic

14 August: Closed on 4109 today.

New workbench to tractor shed
15 August: Richard built a work bench
Lumber piles
Lumber for crates and furniture
Newt hunting a beetle
Richard and Harriet
Richard with 1st grandchild, Harriet
Kitchen Shelves 11nov
17 Nov: Rehung and painted kitchen shelves
Back Door Shelf
Dec 6: Burning the deconstruction material from 4109. No snow so far.

12 Dec: It got up to 60 today. All Nov and Dec have been mild so far. I sanded and put on the first coat of polyacrylic on the shelf above the back door. The wood came from 4109 and could be as old as late 1800's. The nails in it were square shanked.

Back door shelf installed.

30 Dec: Rosy's world has been downsized.
kitchen range hood and shelving
I built new shelving where the old Hobart mixer stood and to accommodate the range hood which Richard installed on 11 Dec.

bedroom shelves
Dec 18-21: Repainted the shelving and window trim in the bedroom. Still more to be done there, next year.

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