This spring the brothers turn 14; Chloe & Annie, 11; Maukie & Flynn, 8 and Willie, 4

Turkeys March 1
24 January. The classic January thaw.
Turkeys March 1
March 1st: 12 in this flock.
26 March
26 March: The setup
14 April: Pulled two stumps from trees
Sammy cut in the early 2000s.
26 April: Rosy died today. Or maybe yesterday. She was at least 24 years old.
June 19
The ballerina at the pond
July 3
cedar removal
2 August: Extensive cedar trimming at 4109
deer 08/10/2019
August: My perennial hosta muncher
with her well fed son and daughter
shed 07/18/2019
18 July: Stained all the trim boards today
24 August: I buried Maukie today. I will never know what happened but her back left leg was severely broken and the West Mountain doc told me she would need a special surgeon to fix it and they come from far away. She said no one locally could repair such an exteme fracture. So I asked them to put her down. Maukie was so happy with all the attention and did not seem to be in pain but she could not walk. I found her under the utility trailer. She was crying in pain then. I think she got the leg caught in something after getting startled out of a sound sleep by me chasing a racoon in her direction. She was the only cat who accepted everyone, human or feline. 07/29/2012
barn siding
11 October: Finally got some siding on the west side and a bit more on the east and south side
Halloween: It's 9:00 pm and the temp outside is 69.8, like a summer evening. Raining, strong wind gusts and a prediction of thunderstorms. I finished insulating the wall that will become shelving in the shed.

1 November: The aftermath—the storm took down the elm and the power lines remain intact, something of a miracle. Sammy girdled it about 6-7 years ago. Power went out at 3:00 am and now, 12 hours later, still out with little hope for restoration today.

elm down
7 Nov: First snow
rigid planer
10 November: I carried the planer from the pergola into the shed today and got it up onto the bench. It weighs 73 lbs.

19 Nov: Second snow, about 3-4 inches
27 November: It was 52° today and grass is still green.
11/26/2019: Installed the new big feeding station. Next year there will be peaked roof.
12/03/2019: The big one.
12/10/2019: 45° last night and constant rain.

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