Installation by Verizon
November 19: The whole thing took under an hour.
This is a new pole on the property.

Flags all over the truck
There were flags all over the truck.
Digging begins
They have to go down 6½ feet.
Big rocks
Encountering some big rocks.

Past the rocks the going down
Getting past the rocks, easier going.

Dragging the pole into position
Dragging the pole into position.

raising it
Raising it.
Pushing into place


Pushing into place
Held aloft over the hole, he had
only to push the bottom into line.

They left some deep ruts and I raked them in a bit but they are going to bring in another vehicle, described as something like a bulldozer with the same auger attachment, to replace the pole at the other end of the property. As of today, November 25, nothing more has happened. Temperatures in the low 60's today!

January 8: Yesterday we got 14 inches on snow. Today they came to put in the other pole on my property! This pole replaces the existing service pole and it was installed only inches from the first. An excavator this time. The good part about this is that the ground is frozen and packed with snow and the equipment will leave no marks. This installation took no more time than the first one, less than an hour. The tree trimmers are also working in the area and a guy stopped by yesterday to tell me they'll be trimming on my property soon. I told him I wanted the ash trees left whole and all trees cut as high off the ground as possible. Hopefully I'll be here when the work is done but since tomorrow I start my four days at Stratton, I doubt it.

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